OSHA Limits Outreach Training to 7 1/2 Hours per Day. 10-Hr Class now will take 2 Days!

  [tweetmeme]The following  is copy from an August 6, 2010 memo issued from  Henry E. Payne, Director Training and Education,  Directorate of Training and Education, OSHA

 We are revising the OSHA Outreach Training Program to require authorized Outreach Trainers to limit their training to a maximum of conducted over a minimum of two days and 30-hour courses over a minimum of four days. This is another element in our effort to improve the quality and integrity of the Outreach Training Program.  We believe this key change will result in improved worker training.  Training that does not meet these requirements will not be recognized and trainers will not receive student completion cards.

Outreach Trainers will be allowed to seek approval of courses that cover more than trainer availability, time limits or missing work as extenuating circumstances. We will consider functions such as one-day events that are co-hosted by OSHA and which target a hard-to-reach worker group as an example of a training plan which may be approved. All requests for such approvals must be made in writing and sent the Directorate of Training and Education at least eight weeks prior to the start of the class.

The new policy is outlined in the attached flyer. Please ensure that all OSHA personnel conducting Outreach Training Program courses or assisting in this training are aware of this new requirement.  All Outreach Trainers will be informed that this policy is effective immediately, however we will extend a grace period to trainers for full implementation until December 31,2010. This requirement will be incorporated into the next revision ofthe Outreach Training Program Guidelines scheduled for October 2010.

 If you have any questions regarding the Outreach Training Program or the implementation of this requirement, please contact Don Guerra at the Directorate of Training and Education at (847) 759-7735.



  1. I’m glad you are posting about this recent change. I, an OSHA Trainer, am continually asked to offer the 10 hour course over a single day, and I’ve even lost clients to trainers who still say they can give the training in a single day, and once I lost clients to a trainer who stated he could offer the 10 hour course in 5 hours.

    I think the more people who know about the OSHA regulations, and the fact that their cards are worthless if they are received in a non-accepted manner, the better it will be for us honest trainers.

  2. Junior C. Peters says:

    I have been informed that the OSHA 501 Trainer Course is no longer available in Trinidad and Tobago. My Card (G 0007648)expires on 11/09/2010. Can you kindly advise me what to do?

    Junior C. Peters

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