Current Training Requirements for the Gulf Oil Spill Workers

[tweetmeme] OSHA has issued a recent press release detailing the training requriements for clean up workers in the Gulf.  Basically you have to have 40-HAZWOPER and site specific training provided by BP or one of BP approved training contractors. 

According the OSHA Press Release you must be trained on the hazards of your job in a language that you understand. You must be trained before you begin oil spill response and clean-up work.  Your employer must determine the type and length of training you will need.  Training is based on your job duties and the job’s hazards. OSHA is monitoring BP to make sure that their site training meets OSHA requirements.

NOTE: At this time, BP has stated that you must be hired by a BP contractor before you attend training. Taking a class without already having a job does not guarantee that you will get a job later.


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