OSHA to Write New I2P2 standard

[tweetmeme]I just got back from the ASSE Safety 2010 conference, at which Dr. David Michaels the Asst. Secretary of Labor in charge of OSHA announced some potentially industry changing news. He said, among other things, OSHA is starting to write a new standard that would mandate every employer, governed by OSHA, develop a Injury and Illness Prevention Program, or as he called it, I2P2.

This is going to be in addition to any current safety program you may have. Although no specific language has been drafted, it appears that employers will need to conduct, and document job related hazards, and then document how you are preventing injuries from those hazards. This could include additional training, or more engineering controls, no one really knows at this point.

I will try to stay on top of this and update you as I find out more information.

Some other quick hitters from the Dr. Michaels…

1. OSHA is considering restricting the use of incentive programs
2. Supporting passage of the “Protecting America’s Workers Act”
3. Increasing civil and criminal penalties to employers
4.Changing the recording keeping procedures (OSHA 300/301 log)



  1. Jeff Cantin says:

    Just a comment on your statement that an I2P2 “will be in addition to any current safety program that you have.”

    Any safety and health management system or I2P2 will build on, not replace, what you already have. Once the specific requirements of the I2P2 are released, companies should conduct a gap analysis and develop those elements that are missing.

    Few companies will need to start entirely from scratch.

    • Not to split hairs here, Jeff, but doesn’t “in addition to” mean the same thing as “building on…what you already have” and the opposite of “starting from scratch”? Of course, there might be some overlap between the new I2P2 policy/program and some of your other policies (similar to how there is overlap between a hot work policy and a fire protection policy), but it will likely require an additional policy.

      I just think you and the author of the post are making the same point, that’s all.

  2. Gary Thebarge says:

    Appears that OSHA has already been down this road back in 2002. Development of standard ran into roadblocks because attempt was too subjective, lacked backbone, and was not detail orientated. New administration wants to empower employees to take a more active role in workplace safety. Notice all the employee involvement, duties, responsibilities in the new proposal. Makes good sense to involve employees, but any company that is safety conscious should be taking these steps in the first place. Without employee involvement, a safety program is mediocre at best.


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