OSHA Required Training Can Help Improve Productivity

[tweetmeme]From the time we were born, we have learned (and relearned) that life is full of “choices”.   For many of us, the real learning came from the “consequences” that resulted when we made a poor choice.   It is a life – long learning process that continues to help us adjust and survive in a society that has rules, regulations and … consequences.

If you were to reference the 29 Code of Federal Regulations (29CFR) pertaining to OSHA rules, you would find that the training requirements are at times complex and convoluted.   There are over 200 training citations that include not only the general areas of OSHA regulations but also those covering more specific areas such as construction, marine terminals and longshoring.   OSHA training requirements stipulate that training is to be accomplished to “an appropriate level”.   However most often this level is not specifically defined.

As adults, ongoing training is critical to peak job performance, safety, and compliance; yet too often someone chooses to give it a low priority because of budget constraints, lack of time or clear regulatory guidance.   Only after a regulator issues a notice of violation or an accident occurs is it apparent that there is a training deficiency.   Usually by then “reactive leadership” or “crisis management” has taken over, usually to the detriment of the company and the people within that organization.

A proactive approach would be to first recognize that your company needs a comprehensive environmental and safety training plan that includes clear regulatory guidelines and goals for compliance.   It should include an ongoing timeline for implementation and maintenance as well as a budget that demonstrates a long-term commitment.

The kind of individual behavioral change required to ensure compliance does not come from a one time OSHA overview or occasional class that gets scheduled in response to some unfortunate mishap.   Behavioral change requires commitment that comes from a strong initial foundation of OSHA training that can be built upon and reinforced by annual refreshers and specific in-depth courses.   OCCU-TEC, Inc. a safety consulting and training firm in Kansas City, Missouri (which I work for)  calls this strategy “ A CLASS ACT”.  “Continuous Learning Assures Safety Success through Annual Career Training.”

Company benefits derived from this proactive strategy include:

  • Develops a common language and transferable skills amongst staff.
  • Methodically builds a network of individuals committed to Safety and Environmental Compliance.
  • Builds self-esteem, skill – base, and commitment among staff.
  • Positions the sponsoring company as a proactive provider of Safety Training
  • Creates positive image of company to employees and community
  • Cost effective in that it integrates with corporate strategy for Safety and Environmental Compliance

Employee productivity is one most important determining factors in your company’s profitability.  Invest in it!  Safety training ensures that your employees will remain on the job and safe while produces the highest quality results.  Lost time due to accidents end up coming straight off the bottom line, causing a need for additional top line revenue to make up for the loss.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Contact me at OCCU-TEC for more information.


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