February 1-5, 2010 is Clean Energy Week

[tweetmeme]Organizations nationwide are joining together to maximize efforts to move clean energy to the forefront of national policy. Officially declaring February 1-5, 2010 as Clean Energy Week, a growing list of partners are working together to produce a high-impact week of powerful and effective activities and events.

Clean Energy Week is a week of action on the part of NGOs, non-profits, associations, private corporations, and government agencies that consists of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, receptions, workshops, press conferences, rallies and outreach activities on Capitol Hill and across Washington, DC. The week is focused on the national imperative to enact comprehensive clean energy policy including climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency programs  as a means of creating vast numbers of new jobs, ensuring U.S. global leadership in the emerging clean energy era, enhancing our security and preserving our planet for the generations to follow.

The primary objectives of Clean Energy Week are:

  • Engage Congress and the Administration to take action on climate solutions, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, which remain top priorities for the American people and are essential components of job creation and economic growth;
  • Educate industry and government on practical applications for clean energy that are economically viable, will create jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen national security; and
  • Encourage investment in clean energy technologies.

Source: http://www.cleanenergyweek.org/


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