US Teen Drivers Ignore Texting Bans

[tweetmeme] From ASSE Governmental Affairs:

ASSE recently revised its position statement on distracted driving, which addresses texting among the variety of distractions that can cause dangerous driving and encouraged its members to become involved in state efforts to limit distracted driving from their leadership positions as SH&E professionals concerned that the leading cause of workplace fatalities are roadway incidents.  

ASSE’s position statement can be found at  

The full article below can be found at

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) Dec 11 – Karen Cordova, a 17-year-old high school student and part-time supermarket cashier, admits she sometimes texts friends while driving home from work late at night, lonely and bored.

The Arizona teenager knows it’s illegal in Phoenix and dangerous. She once almost drifted into oncoming traffic while looking at her phone.

But would a nationwide ban stop Cordova and her friends from texting in their cars? No way, she said.

“Nobody is going to listen,” Cordova said.

With momentum building in Washington for all 50 U.S. states to outlaw text messaging behind the wheel, there is evidence that the key demographic targeted by such legislation, teen drivers, will not pay much attention….


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