Reminder: post your OSHA 300 logs February 1 to April 30

[tweetmeme]Original posting: Municipal Association of South Carolina Newsletter

It’s almost that time of year again – time to post those pesky forms. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to know to stay in compliance.   While certain employers (those with fewer than 10 employees) are exempt from record keeping practices, most must use what is known as the OSHA 300 Log to keep their records.   The OSHA 300 Log is the record of all workplace injuries and illnesses.   It can be maintained on a computer or at another location as long as it can be produced at the workplace whenever it’s needed.  

The 301 form is the individual record of a work related injury or illness. Complete a new 310 form (or an equivalent form) for each case within seven calendar days.   Form 300A is the summary of work-related injuries and illnesses. This form must be posted every year.   The rule requires a three-month posting (February 1 to April 30).   The summary must be certified by a company executive – the owner, an officer of the corporation, the highest ranking company official working at that site, or his or her supervisor.   Top management needs to be aware of the injury and illness experience of the site and verify that the records are accurate. [§1904.32]

It is important to log all incidents and be aware of privacy issues that may occur.   In the case of a sensitive matter, the incident should be logged as “privacy case” instead of giving the employee’s name.   You won’t enter the name of workers for sensitive cases such as injuries or illnesses involving an intimate body part or the reproductive system, sexual assault, HIV or hepatitis infection, tuberculosis, mental illness or other similar cases.   Keep a separate, confidential identity list for these cases.   Regardless of the injury or illness, you must remove employee names before sharing your records with anyone not authorized by the rule to see them. [§1904.29]  

You must keep OSHA recordkeeping forms for five years following the year they cover.   During that time, update the OSHA 300 form to include newly discovered cases or to show changes in old cases.   You do not have to update the 301 and 300A forms. [§1904.33 and §1904.34]   Record injuries and illnesses of temporary workers and contract workers, if you are supervising their work, the same as any other worker on your payroll,. [§1904.31(b)(2)]

View the forms on OSHA’s Web site at



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