Demonstrating ROI from Environmental, Health & Safety

[tweetmeme]The business of business is business…so as Environmental, Health & Safety professionals serving as staff support it is critical to be able to demonstrate in measurable terms the value EH&S brings to your organization.    What’s that you say…your science based degree program didn’t prepare you to compete for corporate financial resources?    EHS professionals need to focuses on the metrics of the financial return on investment (ROI) in EH&S, after all regulatory compliance drivers aren’t what they used to be, and no matter how much Jordan Barab repeats his mantra of “a sheriff in town”, the simple fact remains, CFO’s want a return on their money spent.    In today’s business climate it’s all about the bottom line.  

The recent trend of mergers, and acquisitions have left many EH&S professionals struggling to compete for resources in a highly competitive corporate world.   EHS professionals need to learn what the financial drivers are, that can mean the difference between a great EH&S program and underfunded program. 

Decreased turnover, absenteeism, increased productivity, reduced workers compensation costs, reduced risk (environmental, and financial liability), and a competitive edge aren’t just wishful thinking, they’re attainable goals for any organization.    EPA and OSHA compliance programs are a good start…but without internal support of influential executives, EH&S champions will never emerge.    Learn the language of these executives to help increase support for your company’s EH&S program.

I have a presentation on this subject at my slideshare site. Check it out here



  1. Julie Ann Ponder says:

    well said Greg! No matter the social/regulatory pressures or implications, at the end of the day they want to know “how much is this going to cost me?” Pointing out real $$$ to be saved positions you as value added asset to any company

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