You should be buying Value…not just spendng Money

Sometimes bad times brings out the best in us…but it can also bring the worst out of some people too. During traumatic times, whether they be physical trauma, emotional or psychological trauma, or financially traumatic times it seems there is a element within society willing to seize that moment to prey upon the weakened and/or vulnerable. We’ve seen this happen many times throughout the course of human history. Terms like “ambulance chaser” and the derogatory implication o f being termed “a used car salesmen,” (note: I personally have no troubles with sales people, whether or not they sale used cars…please hold your angry emails) convey the predatory nature of some within our society.

This dubious element is no stranger to the safety consulting industry, it thrives when good people have their judgments’ clouded by external forces (usually outside of their control). As with the current state of the economy, there is an attractive lure to cutting safety efforts and costs, or lowering standards to achieve short term financial gain. Bunker mentality can sweep over, even the best and more experienced managers like a tidal wave, seemingly irresistible in its allure to shore up sinking profits or stem already mounting losses. This mentality is exactly what these predators seek! When they spot their prey consumed with fear over year-to-date profits and budgets cuts, they pounce!! Offering up (what would be in normal times) too good to be true offers…They offer fee structures that can’t be supported, dropping fees to mere fraction of the market price, or promising training and/or project completion unrealistically. Buyers beware!! The old adage “you get what you pay for” can be especially true now.

Remember, as a purchaser or decision maker for a company you are charged with gaining value for the company, not just spending their money.

Are you exchanging the company’s money for value?
Are you simply spending their money?

At the end of the day every for-profit company’s goal is to minimize losses, thereby maximizing profits.

Your company or organization is probably no different. Gaining value for each dollar spent is a worthwhile pursuit…going for the lowest cost provider that usually offers little or no real return or value, isn’t sustainable even in the short run. Don’t be lured by the big promises and low cost of no value predators, whose slick talking but under qualified staff and lack of experience will ultimately reflect upon the decision makers (you) who hired them in the first place.

Look for Credential Professionals with references, and verifiable experience. Of course that alone isn’t a guarantee, its still buyers beware…you should also look for a history of stability in company.

How long have they been in business?
Are they active the community?
Do they have established relationships beyond a small circle of crony’s?
Are they active members of professional organizations with articulated ethical behavior standards?

There are plenty of safety folks hanging shingles out on the front door now, after suffering downsizing from their past employers. The question is…will they still be here when companies start hiring again, or will they return to industry and leave you looking for answers. Or worse yet, have they been let go by numerous employers for cause, to the point no one will hire them. They simply go into business for themselves?

Buyers beware!


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