OSHA to Increase Enforcement?

Employers who are regulated by OSHA need to sit and take notice. As Bob Dylan once crooned…times they are a changin’. You don’t have to look much further than a recent letter written by Jordan Barab, OSHA administrator and odds on favorite to become the permanent Director of OSHA going forward. He wrote among other things, that the agency must reinvigorate the regulatory process, put more emphasis on enforcement, and find new ways to ensure employers keep workers safe. His letter was published on the blog “OSHA Underground.”

Additional evidence that times they are a changin’…The 2009 OSHA Enforcement budget is proposed to increase by approxmately 9%, and the overall OSHA budget only increasing around 5% according to The Synergist magazine (May 2009 pg.12-”Washington Insider by Aaron Trippler”). Of course this comes at a time when everyone is reducing budgets, and tigthening their belts as much as possible. By the way, in case your interested EPA’s budget is proposed to increase to $10.5 billion in 2009, that’s a $3 billion increase (EHS Today, April 2009 pg.14-Beltway Buzz article)…I’ll let you do the math.

What does all this change mean for you? It could be mean it’s about time that worker safety and environmental concerns are put in front burner in this country. It could mean that your company may need to look really hard at its current business practices. It could also mean that this is just another sign of Big Government poking around in your buisness. Whatever your view is, it’s important that you not ignore this coming change!



  1. Enjoyed this. I hope you will read my post on OSHA at the doctor’s office. (the bluegrass way)


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