Spreading the Good News!!

I have spent the last couple of weeks talking to various companies and individuals regarding OCCU-TEC’s online Learning Management System (LMS).  This powerful e-learning tool is an efficient alternative to traditional high cost training venues.  The week of May 5-9th I was in Osage Beach, Missouri at the 38th Annual Mid-America Health, Safety and Environmental Conference.  The conference has been a valuable venue for me for several years.  I have met tremendously talented and experience professionals during my time there.  The experience is definitely worth the effort to carve out time in my schedule.  Of course following that this week is the Region VII VPPPA Conference here in Kansas City, Missouri.

I have decided to take an evangelical approach to our e-LMS.  This program is a tremendously important tool for any company wishing to increase training offerings, while controlling costs and expanding employee involvement in their ongoing safety programs.  There are basically two criteria any learning system should be judged by, those being 1.) the worth or merit of the system; does the learning system bring value in terms of learning retention, behavior modifications, etc., and 2.) what is the value (cost-benefit) of the learning system?  Online learning program and systems such as our e-LMS passes both of these tests.  Learning retention has been demonstrated time and again to increase when you involve multiple senses.  Online learning involves the stimulation of seeing, hearing, and mental interaction.  The cost-benefit function is outstanding!  It is easy for almost any organization to run any method of return on investment (ROI) calculation and immediately recognize the value online learning provides.

Given the this “good news,”  I see no other way to bring this exciting news to people without evangelizing the process, that is; Spreading the Good News!!

I look forward to hearing your comments!  If you would like to experience what it is I am referring to, visit us on the web at www.occutec.com.


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