Leadership in Safety

In tough economic times like these, companies are often times faced with sobering changes that occur within their industry. Once mighty titans of industry can be brought to their knees, or disappear altogether.

Reduced demand, tightening of credit, and limited growth forecasts are forcing many companies to rethink how they conduct every aspect of business.

The question of how to maintain ongoing safety efforts in this changed environment is far from an easy one to answer.

Tough times can be used an opportunity to rethink how and why we have managment system such as safety. Unlike “boom” times, where the urgency is around keeping up with demand, a downturn in business provides an opportunity for reflection on the importance of safety and may indeed force us to examine some existing paradigms.  We may need to develop solutions that more closely match the changing needs of the company.

Using this time to develop a strong safety culture can be a powerful investment with rewards both now and in the future. Increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and effective management of business risk. These ideas aren’t groundbreaking, nor or they “pie in the sky” optomism. They are real game changing goals that can lead your company to a faster recovery, and better overall financial position in the future.

When the market rights itself and demand returns, the businesses that have strengthened their organizational functioning during the downturn will benefit the most.  By approaching the task of effective safety management right now, you have an opportunity to position your company and its safety functioning for faster recovery and increased future growth.

Leadership isn’t defined as “management by crisis,” rather it is defined as establishing a clear vision, sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, and providing the information, knowledge, and methods to realize that vision.

Now is the time for leaders to lead!


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