LMS Offering

Learning management systems (LMS) are critical to the success of training programs for companies wishing to stay competitive with an ever diverse workforce.  As aging baby-bomers continue to leave the workforce and are replace by less experienced workers it is imperative that empoyers continue to offer the best possible learning solutions in order to not only satisfy the ambitions of the new employees, but also to meet business and regulatory challenges.

Occu-tec has recently inked an agreement with Russell Associates to bring customized LMS’ to Occu-tec’s clients.  This is an incredible opportunity for small and mid-sized companies to be able to offer the same level of internal on-going learning solutions for employees, that large companies do.  The training and educational opportunities includes regulatory compliance issues such as OSHA , EPA and DOT related training requirements, as well as customized safety managment systems training. 

The offerings don’t stop there, LMS’ allow companies to offer training and development in Human Resources, Leadership, project management, sales and marketing but to name a few.  Combined with Occu-tec’s Loss Prevention services including Autotrak database management, I believe this is something no company wishing to remain competitive and successful should ignore.

I am truly excited about this and will be offering continuing updates as to the development and implementation of our new LMS offerings in the days and weeks to come.  I encourage feedback and your comments regarding your experiences with LMS’.



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